About Us

Vidyapeeth aims to provide quality content to every child.


Vidyapeeth is an ed-tech company that focuses on quality education. The company was founded in 2022 by two 12th pass outs, Himanshu and Aditya Sharma. Vidyapeeth’s mission is to make quality education accessible to everyone. The company has developed a unique technology platform that enables it to offer personalized, interactive and engaging courses. Vidyapeeth has a team of experienced educators who design and deliver the courses. The company has a strong focus on research and development and is constantly innovating to improve the quality of its courses. Vidyapeeth is headquartered in Delhi, India.

Mission & Vision

The mission of Vidyapeeth is to provide quality education to all learners through innovative and technology-enabled solutions. The company envisions a future where everyone has access to quality education and its benefits. Vidyapeeth is committed to making this future a reality by providing affordable and accessible education to all.

What Makes Vidyapeeth Unique?

There are many things that make Vidyapeeth unique, but one of the most important is its focus on quality education. By providing a platform for students to access quality educational content, Vidyapeeth is able to ensure that its students receive the best possible education. Additionally, Vidyapeeth also offers a number of other services that help to support its students, such as career guidance and counseling. This comprehensive approach to education makes Vidyapeeth stand out from other ed-tech companies.


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Our Team

Mrs. Vijya Kumari

English Faculty

Mr. B.N Pandey

Maths Faculty

Mrs. Sudha Sharma

Science Faculty

Mr. Ranvir Singh

Social Studies Faculty